The current rise of crime gets every car owner to worry about the safety of their cars.

Especially nowadays, thieves are getting smarter. They can break into the car or even steal it in less than a minute. This is why you have to be vigilant in parking and keeping the car safe.

Here are six tips for keeping your cars safe from a thief.

1. Store valuable things in the car trunk

Usually, thieves only have very little time to do their actions, so they tend to avoid unpacking the trunk of a car. Thieves steal valuables in the car, but not the ones in the trunk.

That is why you should store valuables such as luggage or personal bags in the trunk.

2. Park the car in a bright place

Obviously, a dark place is not a safe place to park a car. Typically, thieves will target their actions on cars parked in low light or dark areas.

You have to choose a parking lot in a bright place, just in case anything happens, people can see it easily.

3. Hide valuables under the car seat

If you want to leave your bag somewhere in the car but not the trunk, below your seat is the answer. Most thieves will only peek at your car window before breaking into it. If they don’t see anything worthy to take, they will leave your car. Thieves do not want to risk getting caught doing the action just because they spend too much time searching at the bottom of a car seat.

4. Give a layer or a dark-colored film on the car window

Dark car windows often recognized as expensive and luxurious, but that is not just a matter of cool or stylish. Dark windows can prevent thieves from breaking into your car because they cannot see what is inside.

The risk would be too high for them to peek inside the car through the dark window panes. However, pay attention to the level of darkness of the window color, keep the visibility of the car remains safe while driving.

5. Never leave documents and personal data information in the car

If a thief breaks into a car but only finds a paper with your data and your home address, they can divert the action to your house. Never take the risk by putting personal documents in the car.

6. Installing GPS Tracker on Moil

The last tip is to put a tracker. This device connects to a satellite (GPS), allowing the driver to know where the position of the vehicle is through a particular device in real-time. In fact, some of the latest technology from gps ติดตามรถ (tracking car) allows vehicle owners to turn off their cars using only the telephone.