1. Search for Various References

Ask for freight forwarding services references from friends or family who have used their services is the first thing you need to do. It would be best if you also found out the advantages and disadvantages of each service because not all freight forwarding services offer the same service. One of the best freight services is Pro Removals Sydney.

2. Compare Prices of Each Moving Service

Do not yet be satisfied with your choice of freight forwarding company! Make sure you have at least two moving service options for you to compare in terms of price and facilities. After that, see what includes in the price.

3. Perform a Company Background Check

Once you know what prices and services they offer, don’t forget to check the background and legality of the company. Visit official sites and their social media, then see if they have testimonials from various customers, whether it’s positive or negative ones. Make sure they have a clear address, e-mail, and telephone number, so you know where to contact when there is an error, or you want to complain later.

4. Bargain for Service Prices

Many moving services out there allow customers to bid on prices. Usually, this advantage only applies to the price of the package, which includes the costs for cardboard, labor services, and others. You can also ask about price estimates when choosing a separate service.

5. Pack Your Furniture At Least 2 Days Before Moving

How important is it to pack goods before moving day? The answer is critical! By packing goods in advance, you can minimize the risk of items being left. Also, it facilitates the process of transporting goods, so you don’t have to reopen the truck when you still have unpacked goods.

6. Accompany Workers During Home Survey

Moving service companies usually do goods survey a few days before the moving day. As a homeowner, please accompany them when they come to the house and show them what items they will transport in the truck.

7. Choose the Goods You Will Need to Transport by Truck

The survey process is an excellent time to decide which items you will transport in the truck and which ones you will carry in a private car. Some companies have set the price for transporting services per cardboard, but some also offer prices in one package.

However, to save some money, we recommend you to set aside items that you can transport in your car.

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